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2013 USPSA GA State Championship

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2014 Glock/X-Treme Bullets Georgia State Championship

Witha resounding splash of rain and a whoop and hollar the 2014 Glock/X-Treme Bullets Georgia State Championship is down for this year. We want to thank all the fantastic sponsor s and the great response we got from shooters at this year's match. Or stats team is beyond amazing not only bringing competitors updates both timely and easily accessible but also providing an interactive kiosk for checking scores and standings that was very popular and unique. Peter Oliver continues to sweak and surprise us every year with new challenges and this year was a doozey. Hanging from nooses on the gallows and a 39 round, 1 per target behemoth that ended with some strong hand only shooting on steel were just a couple of the inventive stage designs for this year's match.

As continues with the GA State match, we had some weather to contend with again this year. A sudden downpour caught everyone off guard but thankfully the great facilities at Cherokee Gun Club meant the sun and great drainage on the bays got things back to solid ground in short order. We wan't to congratulate the 2014 Glock/X-Treme Bullets Georgia State Champions who turned in some really spectacular performances. The match wouldn't be possible without the volunteer staff working the timers and scoring. I know a thank you and a hand shake can make my day when I'm tired and sunburned from running shooters for 8 hours straight. Thank you from the staff and management of this year's match.

Congratulations go out for the outstanding performance of our 2014 High Overall and GA State Champions in each division!

  • Production (85 competitors)
    • Sean Murphy - High Overall & GA State Champion (repeat from 2013!)
    • Emily Robinson - High Lady
  • Limited (77 competitors)
    • Randy Arrowood - High Overall & GA State Champion
  • Open (40 competitors)
    • Shane Coley - High Overall & GA State Champion
    • Kaci Cochran - High Lady
    • George Hemstad - High Senior
  • Limited 10 (6 competitors)
    • Jansen Jones - High Overall & GA State Champion (repeat from 2013!)
  • Single Stack (19 competitors)
    • Jim Gabelbauer - High Overall
    • Evan Bowen - GA State Champion
  • Revolver (5 competitors)
    • John Zaczek - High Overall (repeat from 2013!)
    • Ronald Brooks - GA State Champion

Our sponsors are an integral part of putting on a match of this size and scope. Please continue to show your support of these sponsors by checking out our sponsors page the next time you find yourself in need of something to support your shooting habit.